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Data Standards - List of Values

List of Values for Degree Codes

Code Description
000000 Undeclared
2MJR Additional Major
AA Associate of Arts
AAS Associate of Applied Science
AB Artium Baccalaureatus
ABA Associate of Business Admin.
ABD All But Dissertation
ADH A.S. Dental Hygiene
AE Associate of Engineering
AED Associate of Education
AET Associate of Engineering Tech.
AF Associate of Forestry
AFA Associate of Fine Arts
AGE Associate of General Education
ALE A.S. Law Enforcement
AMU Associate of Music
AN Associate of Nursing
AS Associate of Science
ASAG A.S. in Agriculture
ASN A.S. in Nursing
ASO A. S. (Other)
AST A.S. in Teaching
AUD Doctor of Audiology
BA Bachelor of Arts
BAAS B.A. in Applied Science
BAE B.A. in Education
BARC Bachelor of Architecture
BAS Bachelor of Applied Science
BBA Bachelor of Business Admin
BCOJ Bachelor of Comm. & Journalism
BCOM Bachelor of Commerce
BD Bachelor of Divinity
BDO Bachelor Degree (Other)
BE Bachelor of Engineering
BED Bachelor of Education
BEE Bachelor of Electrical Engnrng
BEH B.S. in Environmental Health
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
BGS Bachelor of General Studies
BIT Bachelor of Information Tech
BJ Bachelor of Journalism
BLS Bachelor of Liberal Studies
BLSC Bachelor of Library Science
BLSV Bachelor of Library Service
BM Bachelor of Music
BME Bachelor of Music Education
BMT B.S. Med Tech
BMU Bachelor of Music
BN Bachelor of Nursing
BPA Bachelor of Public Admin.
BPS Bachelor of Prof Studies
BPT B.S. in Physical Therapy
BS Bachelor of Science
BSAG B.S. in Agriculture
BSBA B.S. in Business Admin.
BSBE B S in Biomedical Engineering
BSCE B S in Civil Engineering
BSCH B S in Chemistry
BSCHE B.S. in Chemical Engineering
BSCP B S in Computer Engineering
BSCPE B S in Computer Engineering
BSCS Bachelor Computer Science
BSDH B.S. in Dental Hygiene
BSE B.S. in Engineering
BSED B S in Education
BSEE B S in Electrical Engineering
BSET B S in Engineering Technology
BSF B.S. in Forestry
BSG B S in Geology
BSHE B S in Home Economics
BSIE B.S. in Industrial Engnrng
BSIS B S in Indstrl & Systms Engnrg
BSIT B.S. in Industrial Technology
BSME B S in Mechanical Engineering
BSML B.S. in Med.Records Libry Sci.
BSMT B S in Medical Technology
BSN B S in Nursing
BSPH B.S. in Pharmacy
BSPS B.S. in Professional Studies
BST B S in Technology
BSTE B.S. in Teaching
BSW Bachelor of Social Work
BUS Bachelor of University Studies
CEC Continuing Ed Certificate
CRT1 Certificate <= 1 year
CRT2 Certificate >1 yr < 2 yrs
CRT3 Certificate >2 yrs < 3 yrs
CRT4 Certificate >3 yrs
DA Doctor of Arts
DARC Doctor of Architecture
DBA Doctor of Business Admin
DCL Doctor of Civil Law
DD Doctor of Divinity
DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery
DLIT Doctor of Letters
DMA Doctor of Musical Arts
DMD Doctor of Dental Medicine
DME Doctor of Music Educ.
DMUS Doctor of Music
DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice
DNPH Doctor of Natural Philosophy
DO Doctor of Osteopathy
DP Doctor of Pharmacy
DPA Doctor of Public Admin.
DPE Doctor of Physical Education
DPH Doctor of Public Health
DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy
DRE Doctor of Recreation
DSC Doctor of Science
DSN Doctor of Science in Nursing
DSW Doctor of Social Work
DTO Doctorate (Other)
DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
EDD Doctor of Education
EDS Education Specialist
GCRT Graduate Certificate
HON Honorary Degree
IMBA International MBA
JD Juris Doctor
LLB Bachelor of Law
LLM Master of Laws
M45 Master's + 45
M90 Master's + 90
MA Master of Arts
MAC Master of Accountancy
MAED Master of Arts in Education
MAGR Master of Agriculture
MALS M A in Liberal Studies
MAO Master's (Other)
MARC Master of Architecture
MARCH Master of Architecture
MAT Master of Arts in Teaching
MBA Master of Business Admin
MBE Master of Business Educ.
MCJ Master of Criminal Justice
MCM Master of City Management
MCOJ Master of Comm. of Journalism
MCOM Master of Commerce
MCRP Master of City & Regional Plng
MD Doctor of Medicine
ME Master of Engineering
MED Master of Education
MEE Master of Electrical Engnrng
MEH M.S. in Environmental Health
MENG Master of Engineering
MF Master of Forestry
MFA Master of Fine Arts
MGD Master of Graphic Design
MHA Master of Health Admin
MJUR Master of Jurisprudence
MLIS Master of Library & Info Sci.
MLS Master of Library Science
MMA Master of Music Applied
MME Master of Music Education
MMU Master of Music
MPA Master of Public Admin
MPAC Master of Professnl Accntncy
MPD Master of Product Design
MPH Master of Public Health
MPHI Master of Philosophy
MPM Master of Public Management
MPS Master of Professional Studies
MPT Master of Physical Therapy
MRE Master of Religious Education
MRES Master in Research
MS Master of Science
MSBE M.S. in Biomedical Engineering
MSCE M.S. in Civil Engineering
MSCH M.S. in Chemical Engineering
MSE M.S. in Engineering
MSED M.S. in Education
MSIE M.S. in Industrial Engineering
MSLS M.S. in Library Science
MSME M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
MSN M S in Nursing
MSPH M.S. in Pharmacy
MSSW M.S. in Social Work
MST M.S. in Teaching
MSW Master of Social Work
MURP M.A. Urban&Regional Planning
NDGR Non Degree (GR)
NDHS Non Degree HS
NDLW Non Degree (LW)
NDPB Non Degree Post Bacc
NDUG Non Degree (UG)
NS Normal School
OD Doctor of Optometry
PED Doctor of Physical Ed
PHAR Doctor of Pharmacy
PHD Doctor of Philosophy
PRO Professional (Other)
RES College of Medicine Residency
SJD Doctor of Judicial Science
STM Master of Sacred Theology
THD Doctor of Theology
UNK Unknown
XCON Additional Concentration
XMAJ Additional Major
XMIN Additional Minor
Z08 H.S. < 8th Grade
Z09 H.S. < 9th Grade
Z10 H.S. < 10th Grade
Z11 H.S. < 11th Grade
Z12 H.S. 12th Grade
ZCL1 Completed 1 Year of College
ZCL2 Completed 2 Years of College
ZCL3 Completed 3 Years of College
ZCL4 Completed 4 Years of College
ZDPL H.S. Diploma
ZGED H.S. General Ed. Diploma

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