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Data Standards - List of Values

List of Values for Major Codes

Code Description
0000 Undeclared
0100 Agri Nat Resources
0101 Agriculture, General
0102 Agronomy
0104 Animal Science
0105 Dairy Science
0107 Wildlife and Wild Lands Mgmt
0108 Horticulture
0109 Ornamental Horticulture Op-Man
0110 Agricultural-Farm Management
0111 Agricultural Economics
0112 Agricultural Bus and Mgmt, Gen
0113 Food Science and Technology
0114 Forestry, Gen
0115 Natural Resources Mgmt
0116 Agriculture and Forestry Tech
0117 Range Management
0199 Other Agr Natural Resources
0200 Architecture-Environ Design
0201 Envir Design, General
0202 Architecture
0203 Interior Architecture
0204 Landscape Architecture
0205 Urban Architecture
0299 Arch and Related Prog, Oth
0301 Asian Studies
0302 East Asian Studies
0303 South Asian Studies
0304 Southeast Asian Studies
0306 Islamic Studies
0307 Russian and Slavic Studies
0309 Middle Eastern Studies
0310 European Studies
0311 Eastern European Area Studies
0312 Western European Studies
0314 Pacific Area Studies
0399 Area, Ethnic-Cultural Studies
0400 Biological Sciences
0402 Botany, Gen
0403 Bacteriology
0404 Plant Pathology
0405 Botany, Other
0406 Plant Physiology
0407 Zoology, Gen
0408 Pathology, Human and Animal
0409 Pharmacology
0410 Physiology, Human and Animal
0415 Biophysics
0416 Molecular Biology
0419 Biometrics and Biostatistics
0420 Ecology
0421 Entomology
0422 Genetics
0424 Nutrition, Scientific
0425 Neurosciences
0499 Biol Scis-Life Sciences, Other
0500 Business and Management
0501 Business and Commerce, General
0503 Business Statistics
0504 Banking and Finance
0505 Investments and Securities
0506 Business Management and Admin
0507 Operations Research
0508 Hotel/Restaurant Mgmt
0509 Marketing and Purchasing
0510 Transportation and Materials
0514 Secretarial Studies
0515 Personnel Management
0516 Labor-Prsnl Relations and Stds
0599 Business and Management, Other
0600 Communications
0601 Communications, Gen
0603 Radio and TV Broadcasting
0699 Communications, Other
0700 Computer and Info Sciences
0701 Computer-Info Sciences, Gen
0702 Information Scis and Systems
0703 Data Processing Technology
0704 Computer Programming
0705 Computer Systems Analysis
0799 Computer-Info Sciences, Oth
0804 Junior-Inter-Mid Sch Tcher Ed
0806 Junior and Community Coll Ed
0807 Adult, Continuing Teacher Ed
0809 Administration of Special Ed.
0810 Ed of the Mentally Handicapped
0811 Ed of the Gifted and Talented
0812 Ed-Deaf and Hearing Impaired
0813 Education, Other
0814 Ed of Blind-Visually Impaired
0815 Ed of the Speech Impaired
0816 Ed of Emotionally Handicapped
0817 Special Education, Other
0818 Ed-Specific Learning Disabled
0819 Ed of Physically Handicapped
0820 Ed of Multiple Handicapped
0821 Social Foundations
0824 Ed Statistics-Rsrch Methods
0825 Ed Assessmt, Test, Measuremt
0828 Educational Supervision
0830 Reading Teacher Ed
0831 Art Teacher Ed
0832 Music Teacher Ed
0833 Mathematics Teacher Ed
0834 Science Teacher Ed, Gen
0836 Driver and Safety Teacher Ed
0902 Aero and Astronautical Engr
0903 Agricultural Engineering
0904 Architectural Engineering
0906 Chemical Engineering
0907 Petroleum Engineering
0908 Civil, Constr and Transprt Eng
0911 Geological, Geophysical Engr
0913 Industrial Management Engr
0914 Metallurgical Engineering
0915 Materials Engineering
0916 Ceramic Sciences, Engineering
0917 Textile Sciences, Engineering
0918 Mining, Mineral Engineering
0919 Engineering Physics
0920 Nuclear Engineering
0921 Engineering Mechanics
0922 Environmental Health Engr
0923 Naval Architecture-Marine Engr
0924 Ocean Engineering
0999 Engineering, Other
1000 Fine and Applied Arts
1001 Fine Arts, General
1002 Fine Arts and Art Studies, Oth
1004 Music-General Performance
1009 Applied Design
1010 Film, Cinematography, Prod
1099 Visual-Performing Arts, Oth
1102 French Language, Literature
1103 German Language, Literature
1104 Italian Language, Literature
1105 Spanish Language, Literature
1107 Chinese Language, Literature
1108 Japanese Language, Literature
1109 Latin Language, Literature
1110 Greek Language, Literature
1111 Hebrew Language, Literature
1112 Arabic Language, Literature
1114 Scandinavian Languages, Lit
1115 Slavic Languages
1116 African Languages
1199 Foreign Languages, Lit, Other
1200 Health Professions
1201 Health Professions, General
1204 Dentistry (D.D.S., D.M.D.)
1205 Dental Clinical Scis (MS/ PHD)
1206 Medicine (MD)
1207 Medical Clinical Scis (MS/PHD)
1208 Occupational Therapy
1209 Optometry (O.D.)
1210 Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)
1211 Pharmacy
1212 Physical Therapy
1213 Dental Hygiene
1214 Public Health, General
1215 Medical Records Administration
1216 Podiatry (DPM, DP, PodD)
1217 Medical Illustrating
1218 Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
1219 Vet Clinical Scis (MS, PhD)
1221 Chiropractic (D.C., D.C.M.)
1222 Clinical Social Work
1223 Medical Laboratory
1224 Dental Technologies
1225 Medical Radiologic Tech/Tec
1302 Housing Studies, Gen
1303 Clothing, Apprl, Textile Stds
1305 Indiv and Family Dev Stds Gen
1306 Foods-Nutrition Stds, Gen
1307 Insttnal Mgmt and Cafe Mgmt
1399 Home Economics, Other
1499 Law, Other
1500 Letters
1502 English Literature (British)
1504 Classics
1506 Speech and Rhetorical Studies
1508 Teaching ESL-Foreign Language
1510 Religion and Religious Studies
1599 English Lang and Lit, Other
1601 Library Science-Librarianship
1699 Library Science, Other
1702 Mathematical Statistics
1703 Applied Mathematics, Gen
1799 Mathematics, Other
1803 Aerospace Science
1899 Other-Military Science
1903 Chemical, Atomic, Mole Physics
1904 Nuclear Physics
1908 Physical and Theoretical Chem
1910 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
1911 Astronomy
1913 Atmospheric Scis, Meteorology
1915 Geochemistry
1918 Paleontology
1919 Oceanography
1999 Geological-Related Scis, Oth
2005 Social Psychology
2006 Psychometrics
2007 Statistics in Psychology
2008 Industrial and Org Psychology
2009 Developmental and Child Psyc
2010 Physiological Psychology
2099 Psychology, Other
2100 Public Affairs and Services
2101 Community Services, General
2199 Public Affairs and Services
2200 Social Sciences
2201 Social Sciences, Gen
2209 Criminology
2210 Intl Relations and Affairs
2212 Amern Indian-Native Amer Stds
2213 Hispanic American Studies
2215 Demography and Pop Stds
2299 Social Scis and History, Other
2300 Theology
2301 Theology-Theological Studies
2302 Religious-Sacred Music
2304 Religious Ed
2399 Theologcl Stds-Rel Voc, Oth
4901 Gen Liberal Arts and Science
4903 Humanities-Humanistic Studies
4904 Multi-Interdscplnary Stds, Oth
5000 Business-Commerce Technologies
5001 Bus, Commerce Tech, General
5002 Accounting Tech
5003 Banking, Finance Technology
5005 Admin Asst-Sec Science, Gen
5006 Cosmetic Services, General
5009 Printing, Lithographic Tech
5011 Transportation and Materials
5012 Applied and Graphic Arts Tech
5099 Business and Commerce Tech
5100 Data Processing Technologies
5101 Data Processing Tech, General
5102 Info Proc-Data Entry Tech
5103 Computer Programming Tech
5105 Computer Installer-Repairer
5199 Data Processing Tech, Other
5201 Health Srvs Asst Tech, Gen
5202 Dental Assistant
5203 Dental Hygiene Technologies
5204 Dental Laboratory Technologies
5205 Medical Laboratory Tech
5206 Vet Asst-Animal Health Tech
5208 Nursing (R.N. Training)
5209 Practical Nurse (LPN Training)
5210 Occupational Therapy Assistant
5211 Surgical-Operating Room Tech
5212 Optical Technician-Assistant
5213 Medical Records Tech
5214 Medical Assistant
5215 Respiratory Therapy Tech
5216 Psyc-Mental Health Srvs Tech
5217 Cardiovascular Tech-Technician
5218 Health Unit Coord-Ward Clerk
5219 Physical Therapy Assistant
5299 Hlth Srvs, Paramedical Tech
5300 Mechanical, Engr Technologies
5301 Mech-Engr Technologies, Gen
5302 Aviation-Avionics Maint Tech
5305 Chemical Technology-Tech
5306 Auto-Automotive Mechanic-Tech
5307 Diesel Engine Mechanic-Rep
5308 Welder-Welding Technologist
5309 Civil Engr-Civil Technology
5310 Elctrcl, Elect, Comm Engr Tech
5311 Electromechanical Technology
5312 Industrial Technologies
5313 Indstl Prod Technology-Tech
5314 Instrumentation Technology
5315 Mechanical Technologies
5316 Nuclear-Nuclear Power Tech
5396 Wood Utilization Tech
5399 Engr-Related Technology-Tech
5400 Natural Science Technologies
5401 Natural Sci Technologies, Gen
5403 Forestry and Wildlife Tech
5404 Culinary Arts and Related Srvs
5407 Laboratory Technologies, Gen
5408 Envir, Polltn Control Tech
5499 Natural Science Tech, Other
5500 Public Services
5501 Public Admin-Services, Other
5502 Bible Stdy-Relgn Related Occup
5503 Teacher Assistant-Aide
5504 Library Assistant
5505 Law Enforcement-Police Science
5506 Commnty-Human Srv Related Tech
5507 Fire Protection-Safety Tech
5508 Public Admin-Mgmt Tech
5599 Public Srv Related Tech, Other
AAAS Afrcn and African-Amer Studies
AALT African American Literature
AAMR Apparel & Accessory Merchandis
ACCE Adult Continuing and Cmmnty Ed
ACCT Accounting
ACED Adult and Continuing Education
ACPG Accompanying
ACS Automatic Control Systems
ACSY Accounting Systems
ACTY Accountancy
ADAS Alcohol and Drug Abuse Srvs
ADDL ****
ADED Adult Education
ADMC Advertising (Mktg Comm)
ADMU Artist Diploma in Music
ADOF Alcohol and Drug Offenders
ADPR Advertising and Publ Relations
ADSP Administration-Supervision
ADV Advertising
AEGH Ancient Egyptian History
AEPR Aerospace Propulsion
AERO Aerospace Studies
AFAM African American Studies
AFDS Arts of Africa and Diaspora
AFME Africa and Middle East
AFST African Studies
AGBP Applied Geog for Bus and Plan
AGMK Agri-marketing
ALAN Algebra and Analysis
ALCH Analytical Chemistry
ALCW Amer Lit and Creative Writing
ALDS Alcohol and Drug Studies
ALES Amer Literature and ESL
ALL Applied Lean Leadership
ALLL American Lit, Lang, Ling
ALML American Lit and Modern Lit
ALPW Amer Lit and Prof Writing
AMFP American Foreign Policy
AMLT American Literature
AMST American Studies
ANTH Anthropology
APBR Applied Brasses
APCM Applied Composition
APCS Applied Computer Science
APEC Applied Economics
APHP Applied Harpsichord
APLN Applied Linguistics
APMT Applied Mathematics
APNU Advanced Practice Nursing
APOG Applied Organ
APPO Applied Piano
APPR Applied Percussion
APST Applied Statistics
APWW Applied Woodwinds
ARCH Architectural Technology
ARCT Architecture
ARED Art Education
ARGY Archaeology
ARPS Archaeology as a Public Srvc
ARST Area Studies
ARTC Architecture
ARTH Art History
ASCT AS Cytotechnology (NC)
ASDH AS Dental Hygiene (NC)
ASHM AS Hlth Information Mgmt (NC)
ASIT Asian Studies and Intrnl Trade
ASLP Aud and Speech Lang Path
ASMT AS Medical Technology (NC)
ASOT AS Occupational Therapy (NC)
ASPA AS Physician Assistant (NC)
ASPD Applied String Pedagogy
ASPF Applied String Performance
ASPT AS Physical Therapy (NC)
ASRT AS Respiratory Therapy (NC)
ASST Asian Studies
ASTL Advanced Stds Tching and Lrng
AUDO Audiology
AUSP Audiology and Speech Pathology
AUTS Autism Studies
AVPD Applied Vocal Pedagogy
AVPF Applied Vocal Performance
BA Business Administration
BEOM Business Ed and Office Mgmt
BHNS Behavioral Neuroscience
BILL Biomedical Illustration
BINF Bioinformatics
BIOC Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
BIOM Biomedical Engineering
BIOS Biomedical Systems
BIOT Biotechnology
BKFS Banking and Financial Services
BKNG Banking
BLAL British Lit and American Lit
BLCW Brit Lit and Creative Writing
BLES British Lit and ESL
BLLL British Lit and Lang and Ling
BLML British Lit and Modern Lit
BLPW British Lit and Prof Writing
BLST Black Studies
BMGT Business Management
BMMG Biomedical Management
BPMG Business Project Management
BRCG Broadcasting
BREM Broadcast and Electronic Media
BRIN Brass Instruments
BRJL Broadcast Journalism
BRLT British Literature
BRNW Broadcast News
BSEC Business Economics
BSFN Business Finance
BSIA Business Information Assurance
BSSY Business Systems
BSTA Biostatistics
BTNY Botany
BUED Business Education
CART Cartography
CCCN Career and College Counseling
CCHM Computational Chemistry
CCMS Conflict and Chg in Modern Soc
CCTL CC Teaching and Leadership
CDA Comparative Dev Administration
CED Continuing Education
CENG Construction Engineering
CERA Ceramics
CETH Computer Engineering Tech
CGSC Cognitive Science
CHCL Child Clinical
CHDV Child Development
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CHMC Church Music: Choral
CHMO Church Music: Organ
CHMU Church Music
CHNG Coaching
CHRC Church Recreation
CHSY Chemical Systems
CIED Curriculum and Instruction
CITY City/Regional Plan/Urban Dev
CIVL Civil Engineering
CJAD Criminal Justice Admin
CJUS Criminal Justice
CLAS Classical Studies
CLBL Cell Biology
CLFD Cultural Foundations
CLNT Clinical Nutrition
CLPY Clinical Psychology
CLRC Clinical Rehabilitation Cnslg
CLRD Childhood Literacy Reading
CLST Cultural Studies
CLTH College Teaching/Mathematics
CMAR Communication Arts
CMAV Commercial Aviation
CMCJ Criminology and Criminal Jus
CMED Community Education
CMHC Clinical Mental Health Counsel
CMHT Community Health
CMPH Computational Physics
CMPT Composition
CMSD Comm Sciences and Disorders
CMST Communication Studies
CMUS Commercial Music
CNDT Conducting
CNGU Counseling and Guidance
CNMS Construction Management Srvs
CNPY Counseling Psychology
CNSL Counseling
COAG Community Agency Counseling
COLI Comparative Literature
COMM Communication
COMP Computer Science
COPS Comm and Propagation Systems
CORA Correctional Administration
CORR Corrections
COUN Counseling Personnel Services
CPAR Composition-Arranging
CPBM Clinical Psyc-Behavior Mgmt
CPED Community Physical Education
CPEN Computer Engineering
CPN Clinical Psyc/Neuropsychology
CPP Comprehensive Physical Plan
CPSP Ceramics-Paint-Sculp-Prntmkng
CPST Composition Studies
CRCN Corrections Counseling
CRDV Curriculum Development
CRP City and Regional Planning
CRWR Creative Writing
CSED Consumer Science and Ed
CSTH Computer Systems Technology
CSYS Control Systems
CTTH Construction Technology
CURR Curriculum
CWES Creative Writing and ESL
CWLL Creative Writing, Lang, Ling
CWPW Creative and Prof Writing
DANC Dance
DDTH Design and Drafting Technology
DFED Deaf Education
DIET Dietetics
DMAN Design and Manufacturing
DMSY Design and Mechanical Systems
DNED Dance Education
DSCI Decision Sciences
DSGN Design
DSRS Disability Studies Rehab Serv
DSST Disability Studies
DTED Distributive Education
DTHP Design and Tech Production
DVPL Developmental Planning
EAR Economic Analysis and Research
EART Egyptian Art and Archaeology
EBIO Exprmental Psyc-Biopsychology
ECED Early Childhood Education
ECEL Early Child Ed (PreK-3 Lic)
ECFN Economics of Finance
ECOM Electronic Commerce
ECON Economics
ECTH Economic Theory
ECTR Economic Theory and Research
EDAS Ed Admin and Supervision
EDFD Foundations of Education
EDHC Ed Handicapping Conditions
EDLD Educational Leadership
EDPR Ed Psychology and Research
EDPS Educational Psychology
EDRS Educational Research
EDSV Educational Services
EDUC Education
EENG Environmental Engineering
EESC Environmental and Earth Sci
EETH Electronics Engineering Tech
EGED English Education
EHDR Exprmntl Psyc-Human Dev Rtrdtn
ELAE English-Language Arts Ed
ELBA Exprmntl Psyc-Lrnng Bhvr Analy
ELCE Electrical and Computer Engr
ELEC Electrical Engineering
ELED Elementary Education
ELEL Elementary Education (1-8 Lic)
ELEM Elementary
ELOS Electro-Optical Systems
ELPE Elementary Physical Education
ELTH Electronics Technology
EMDS Emotionally Disturbed
EMGR Early/Middle Grades (K-8)
EMGT Emergency Management
EMS Emergency Medical Services
ENCS Engineering Computer Systems
ENGC Energy Conversion
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering
ENGS Energy Systems
ENHL Environmental Health
ENJR Entrepreneurial Journalism
ENNU Environmental Nutrition
ENSM Engineering Seismology
ENST Environmental Studies
ENTH Engineering Technology
ENTR Entrepreneurship
EPBM Exprmntl Psyc-Behavior Mgmt
EPCP Ex Psyc-Personality Cog Proc
EPHY Electro-Physics
EPID Epidemiology
EPIN Exprmntl Psychology-Industrial
EPN Exprmntl Psyc/Neuropsychology
EPS Exprmntl Psyc/Social Psyc
EPSP Exprmntl Psyc-Sensory Proc
ERSC Earth Sciences
ERSS Earth-Space Science
ESCG Elem School Coun and Guidance
ESHP Exercise Sci-Hlth Promotion
ESL English as a Second Language
EXEC Executive
EXLS Executive Leadership
EXPY Experimental Psychology
EXSS Exercise and Sport Science
FASH Fashion
FCSE Family-Consumer Sci Ed
FCST Family and Consumer Studies
FDAD Food Administration
FDEN Foundation Engineering
FDFP Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Power
FGGK French-German-Greek
FGI French/German/Italian
FGKI French-Greek-Italian
FGL French/German/Latin
FGR French/German/Russian
FGS French/German/Spanish
FHMR Fashion Merchandising
FIN Finance
FIPT Fire Prevention Technology
FIR Finance, Ins, Real Estate
FIR Finance, Ins, Real Estate
FIRE Fire Service Administration
FISV Financial Services
FITW Fitness and Wellness
FLED Foreign Language Education
FLG French/Latin/Greek
FLI French/Latin/Italian
FMSD Film Studies
FNEC Financial Economics
FNP Family Nurse Practitioner
FPS Fluid Power Systems
FREN French
FRG French/Russian/Greek
FRGK French-Greek
FRGR French-German
FRI French/Russian/Italian
FRIT French-Italian
FRL French/Russian/Latin
FRLA French-Latin
FRLG Foreign Languages
FRPR Forest Products
FRRU French-Russian
FRS French/Russian/Spanish
FRSP French-Spanish
FSG French/Spanish/Greek
FSI French/Spanish/Italian
FSL French/Spanish/Latin
FSM Fluid and Solid Mechanics
FSMT Food Systems Management
FTMT Fitness Management
FVP Film and Video Production
GARC Geoarchaeology
GBMT General Business Management
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
GEOP Geophysics
GEOS Geological Sciences
GERI Geriatric Services
GERM German
GGI German/Greek/Italian
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GKIT Greek-Italian
GLBP Global Processes
GLDC Globalization, Devel, Culture
GLE General Law Enforcement
GMGL German-Greek-Latin
GMGS German-Greek-Spanish
GMLS German-Latin-Spanish
GMTH General Math
GNAH General Art History
GNCJ General Criminal Justice
GNCL Generl Counseling and Guidance
GNJL General Journalism
GNMK General Marketing
GNMT General Management
GNMU General Music
GNPA General Public Administration
GNPH General Physics
GNPY General Psychology
GNRL General
GNSC General Science
GNSO General Sociology
GNSP General Speech
GNST General Speech and Theatre
GPSY General Psychology
GRCL Geriatric Counseling
GRDS Graphic Design
GREK Greek
GRG German/Russian/Greek
GRGK German-Greek
GRI German/Russian/Italian
GRIT German-Italian
GRL German/Russian/Latin
GRLA German-Latin
GRLR Greek-Latin-Russian
GRRU German-Russian
GRS German/Russian/Spanish
GRSP German-Spanish
GRTQ Graphic Techniques
GTCH Geographic Techniques
GTEN Geotechnical Engineering
GUCN Guidance and Counseling
GUID Guidance-Personnel Services
GVAC Governmental Accounting
GVFN Governmental Finance
GVMT Government
H100 High School, General
H200 High School, College Prep
H400 High School, Industrial Arts
HCAC Health Care Accounting
HCAD Health Care Administration
HCIL Healthcare Informatics Lead
HCLD Healthcare Leadership
HDVL Human Development and Learning
HEED Home Economics Education
HEIN Home Economics Instruction
HGEO Human Geography
HHDR Human Psyc-Human Dev Rtrdtn
HHF Housing and Home Furnishing
HIAD Higher and Adult Education
HIED Higher Education
HIST History
HLED Health Education
HLHP Health and Human Performance
HLNL Human Learning (Non-Licensure)
HLSC AC Health Sciences
HLSF Health and Safety
HLSP Health Systems and Policy
HLTH Health
HMEC Home Economics
HMFR Home Furnishings
HMLL Human Learning (Licensure)
HMLN Human Learning
HMSE Human Movement Science
HMSV Human Services
HPBM Human Psychology-Behavior Mgmt
HPCP Human Psyc, Prsnlty-Cog Proc
HPED Health and Physical Education
HPER Hlth, Physical Ed, Recreation
HPIP Human Psyc-Indstl Psychology
HPLM Health Prom and Lifestyle Mgmt
HPN Human Psyc/Neuropsychology
HPRM Hospitality and Resort Mgmt
HPRO Health Promotion
HPSP Human Psyc-Social Psychology
HRAD Human Resources Administration
HRLD Human Resources Leadership ROD
HRMT Human Resources Management
HSD Hearing Sciences & Disorders
HSPH Health Systems Pharmacy
HSRV Health Services Administration
HSS Health and Sport Sciences
HSV Health Services
HTAD Health Administration
HTTF Heat Transfer
HUM AC Humanities
IA Industrial Arts
IAED Industrial Arts Education
IBFL Intl Business and Foreign Lang
ICAP Instructional Computer Appl
ICL Instr and Curr Leadership
IDAC Industrial Accounting
IDSG Instructional Design
IDTH Instructional Design and Tech
IESP Inequality and Social Policy
IMBA Business Administration (IMBA)
IML Industrial Mktg and Logistics
IMMU Immunohematology
INAS Information Assurance
INBS International Business
INCU Instruction and Curriculum
INDS Individual Studies
INJR Internet Journalism
INOR Inorganic Chemistry
INS Insurance
INSA Industrial Systems Analysis
INSE Industrial and Systems Engr
INSF Industrial Safety
INST International Studies
INTC Information Technology
INTD Interdisciplinary Studies
INVT Investments
INZO Invertebrate Zoology
IOLP International Org Leadership
ISDS Mgmt Info Sys-Decision Scis
ISPC Imaging and Signal Processing
ITAL Italian
ITDS Interior Design
ITGS Integrative Studies
ITMU Instrumental Music
ITRL International Relations
IZOE Invrtebrate Zoology/Entomology
JAPN Japanese
JDST Judaic Studies
JLAD Journalism Administration
JOUR Journalism
JZCA Jazz-Studio Comp-Arranging
JZSM Jazz-Studio Music
JZSP Jazz and Studio Performance
KIN3 Kindergarten-3
KIND Kindergarten
LADM Law Enforcement Administration
LAGK Latin-Greek
LAIT Latin-Italian
LALN Language and Linguistics
LAST Latin American Studies
LATN Latin
LBST Liberal Studies
LBSV Library Service
LCLS Literary and Cultural Studies
LCST Life Cycle Studies
LDHS Landscape Dsgn-Hortcltrl Stds
LDPS Leadership and Policy Studies
LEAD Leadership
LEGL Legal Assistant
LENF Law Enforcement
LGI Latin/Greek/Italian
LGMK Logistics-Marketing
LGMT Local Government Management
LGSC Logistics-Supply Chain Mgmt
LIBR Librarian
LIBS Library Science
LIC Licensure
LING Linguistics
LIT Literature
LLCH Literacy, Leadership, Coaching
LLES Language, Lingistics, ESL
LNDS Learning Disabilities
LOMT Legal Office Management
LSMT Leisure Management
LTAM Latin America
LTES Literature and ESL
LTLA Legal Thought-Liberal Arts
LTLL Lit, Language, and Linguistics
LTPW Lit and Professional Writing
MAAM Musical Arts: Applied Music
MAEM Musical Arts: Ethnomusicology
MAGZ The Magazine
MAMH Musical Arts: Music History
MANT Medical Anthropology
MART Musical Arts
MAS Microwave and Antenna Systems
MASC Mathematical Sciences
MATH Mathematics
MCAV Marketing-Communications (Adv)
MCBL Molecular Cell Biology
MCSC Molecular Cell Science
MDGR Middle Grades Licensure
MDLT Modern Literature
MDPH Medical Physics
MECH Mechanical Engineering
MECL Music Education Choral
MEDT Medical Technology
MEIN Music Education Instrumental
MENA Middle East and North Africa
MESM Music Education-School Music
METH Manufacturing Engineering Tech
METR Meteorology
MFTG Manufacturing
MFTH Manufacturing Technology
MGMT Management
MGRL Managerial
MGSC Management Science
MHF Merchandising-Home Furnishings
MHND Multi-handicapped
MIS Management Information Systems
MKED Marketing Education
MKMT Marketing Management
MKTG Marketing
MLAN Modern Languages
MLCW Modern Lit-Creative Writing
MLES Modern Literature and ESL
MLLL Modern Lit, Lang, Ling
MLPW Modern Lit and Prof Writing
MLSC Military Science
MMCS Microbiology and Mole Cell Sci
MNAN Medical-Nutrtonal Anthropology
MNRT Mental Retardation
MPMT Manpower Management
MPWR Manpower
MRBL Microbiology
MRCH Merchandising
MRCS Mrchndising and Consumer Scien
MRFH Merchandising-Fashion
MRLS Medical Records Library Sci
MSCI Mathematical Sciences
MSCM Mktg and Supply Chain Mgmt
MSD Mechanical Systems and Design
MSME Materials Sci-Materials Engr
MSOP Mgmt Sci-Operations Mgmt
MSSE Middle School, Special Ed
MSYS Mechanical Systems
MTED Mathematics Education
MTHR Musical Theatre
MTPS Math and Physical Science
MTSC Materials Science
MUAP Applied Music
MUBS Music Business
MUHL Music History and Literature
MUHT Music History
MUID Music Industry
MURS Musicology: Regional Studies
MUSA Sacred Music
MUSC Music
MUSE Music Education
MUSI Musicology
MUSM Museum Studies
MUTC Music Theory and Composition
MUTH Music Theory
NA Generic
NACS Numerical Analysis-Comp Sci
NASC AC Natural Science
NAVY Naval Science
NEMG News Editorial: Magazine
NENP News Editorial: Newspaper
NEPJ News Ed: Photojournalism
NERP Natural, Envir Resources Plan
NLIC Non-Licensure
NLPW Nuclear Power
NOMJ No Major
NPAD Nonprofit Administration
NPDA Nonprofit Development-Admin
NPMG Newspaper-Magazine
NPMT Nonprofit Management
NRAD Nursing Administration CERT RO
NRIF Nursing Informatics
NSCI Natural Science
NTP Nuclear and Thermal Power
NUAD Nursing Administration
NUED Nursing Education
NUIN Nursing Informatics CERT RODP
NURS Nursing
NUSC Nutrition Science
NUTR Nutrition
NWET News Editorial
OCCS Occupational Child Care Srvs
OCSV Occupational Clothing Services
OFAD Office Administrative
OFMT Office Management
OFSV Occupational Food Services
ONLY IEI Students Only
OPCD Opera and Conducting
OPD Opera Production and Directing
OPRA Opera
OREC Outdoor Recreation
ORFF Orff-Schulwerk
ORGC Organic Chemistry
ORGN Organ
ORLD Organizational Leadership
ORPR Orthotics Prosthetics
PAIR Prsnl Admin-Indstl Relations
PBAC Public Accounting
PBAD Public Administration
PBAR Public Archaeology
PBHT Public Health
PBMD Pre-Biomedical Engineering
PBRL Public Relations
PCMP Pre-Computer Engineering
PCVL Pre-Civil Engineering
PDGY Pedagogy
PDMT Production Management
PE12 Physical Education K-12
PEEC Pre-School Ed of Excptnl Child
PEEN Pre-Electrical Engineering
PEIN Physical Education Instruction
PENT Pre-Engineering Technology
PERF Performance
PETE Physical Ed for Teacher Ed
PFST Professional Studies
PFWR Professional Writing
PGMT Project Management
PHCH Physical Chemistry
PHCM Piano-Harp: Chamber Music
PHED Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy
PHLT Pre-Health Studies
PHPD Piano-Harpsichord: Pedagogy
PHPF Piano-Harp: Performance
PHRP Piano-Harpsichord
PHTG Photography
PHYS Physics
PKEN Packaging Engineering
PLAD Police Administration
PLEF Park Law Enforcement
PLST Policy Studies
PLSV Paralegal Services
PMBO Pre-Med Biology
PMCH Pre-Med Chemistry
PMEC Pre-Mechanical Engineering
PMGP Public Management and Policy
PMGT Pharmacy Management
PMUI Pre Music Industry
PMUS Pre Music
PNLD Philanthropy and Nonprof Lead
PNST Professional Studies
PNTG Painting
PNUR Pre Nursing
POLC Police
POLS Political Science
PORT Portuguese
PPBA Pre-Prof Business Admin
PPED Piano Pedagogy
PPER Piano Performance
PPHO Printmaking-Photography
PPPE Public Plcy and Program Eval
PRCN Percussion
PREP Pre-professional
PROD Production
PROF Professional
PROM Production Operations Mgmt
PRPH Press Photography
PRST Probability and Statistics
PRSV Personnel Services
PSCA Pre-school, Childcare Admin
PSCI Physical Science
PSEL Professional Selling
PSM Production and Systems Mgmt
PSP Painting/Sculpture/Printmaking
PSWK Pre-Social Work
PSYC Psychology
PSYS Power Systems
PTMK Printmaking
PWES Professional Writing and ESL
PWLL Prof Writing, Lang, Ling
PYSV Psychological Services
QECO Quantitative Economics
QMBS Quant Methods and Bus Systems
QNED Quantitative Studies Ed Res
QSED Qualitative Studies in Ed Resc
RCAD Recreation Program Admin
RCAR Rhetoric and Comm Arts
RCEG Recording Engineering
RCTH Recording Technology
READ Reading
RECR Recreation
REDV Real Estate Development
REHB Rehabilitation Education
RELS Religion in Society
RESO Religion in Society
RGDV Regional Development
RHCL Rehabilitation Counseling
RKIN Risk Management and Insurance
RLES Real Estate
RLGN Religious Studies
RMS Research Methods/Statistics
ROML Romance Languages
RPA Rhetoric and Public Address
RPAD Recreation and Park Admin
RPO Rehab of the Public Offender
RSEE Russia and Eastern Europe
RSG Russian/Spanish/Greek
RSI Russian/Spanish/Italian
RSL Russian/Spanish/Latin
RTFP Radio-TV-Film Production
RTLG Retailing
RTV Radio and Television
RTVF Radio-Television-Film
RUGK Russian-Greek
RUIT Russian-Italian
RULA Russian-Latin
RUSP Russian-Spanish
RUSS Russian
SAD Structural Analysis Design
SAFE Safety
SALE Sales
SASV School Admin and Supervision
SBHL Social and Behavioral Health
SBSC Social and Behavioral Sciences
SCED Secondary Education
SCLP Sculpture
SCMG Supply Chain Management
SCND Secondary
SECR Secretarial
SECS Secretarial Science
SFPT Spanish-French-Portuguese
SFTA Services for the Aging
SHCN School Counseling
SHED Speech Education
SHHL School Health
SHMU School Music
SHPY School Psychology
SHSO Schools and Society
SLDR Sports Leadership
SLDS STEM Teacher Leadership
SLG Spanish/Latin/Greek
SLI Spanish/Latin/Italian
SLMT Sport and Leisure Management
SLP Studio/Live Performance
SLPH Speech Language Pathology
SLS Sports and Leisure Studies
SLSD Speech Lang Sci & Disorders
SMCL School Music: Choral
SMIT School Music: Instrumental
SMKT Sales-Marketing
SMMK Social Media Marketing
SMVO School Music: Vocal
SNED Science Education
SNEG Sanitary Engineering
SOCI Sociology
SOCM Social Commerce
SOCS Sociology of the South
SORS Social Research
SOSC AC Social Science
SPAN Spanish
SPCH Speech and Drama
SPE Secondary Physical Education
SPED Special Education
SPER Special Ed and Rehabilitation
SPGK Spanish-Greek
SPHE School Physical Education
SPIT Spanish-Italian
SPLA Spanish-Latin
SPLC Sport and Leisure Commerce
SPMT Sports Management
SPP Suzuki Pedagogy (Piano)
SPPH Speech Pathology
SPRN Superintendency
SPRV Supervision
SPS Student Personnel Services
SSAF Sub-Saharan Africa
SSBF Social Studies: Broad Fields
SSCG Secondry Sch Coun and Guidance
SSE Social Science Education
SSED Social Studies Education
SSEL Solid State Electronics
SSNL Schools and Society (Non-Lic)
SSRV Society Services (Non-Lic)
STAR Studio Arts
STAT Statistics
STEM AC Sci, Tech, Eng, Math
STEN Structural Engineering
STLD Strategic Leadership
STPR Student Personnel
STRG Strings
SVMK Services Marketing
SVUN Soviet Union
SWEL Social Welfare
SWRK Social Work
SWTS Software Testing
SYS Systems and Signals
SYTS Systems Testing
TALN Teaching All Learners
TAX Taxation
TCHG Teaching
TCHR Teacher Edu or Lic Program
TECH Technology
TEED Technical Education
TESL Teaching Engl as Second Lang
THCA Theater-Communication Arts
THEA Theatre
THOI Theatre-Oral Interpretation
TMSV Technology Management Services
TMTH Teaching of Mathematics
TOXI Toxicology
TPLG Transportation and Logistics
TPMK Transportation Marketing
TPP Thermal Power and Propulsion
TRDT Transportation-Distribution
TRDV Training & Development RODP
TREC Therapeutic Recreation
TREN Transportation Engineering
TXST Textual Studies
UAB Agricultural Business
UAC Accounting
UARS Art (Studio)
UAS Animal Science
UATH Urban Anthropology
UBA Business Administration
UBIO Biology
UBPL Urban Planning
UBSO Urban Sociology
UCE Civil Engineering
UCH Chemistry
UCJ Criminal Justice
UCS Computer Science
UECA Economics, Arts and Sciences
UECB Economics, Business
UECC Economics, UTC
UECD Economics, MTSU
UECE Economics, ETSU
UECH Economics, UOM
UECK Economics, UTK
UEE Electrical Engineering
UENG English
UEX Exercise Science
UFL Foreign Language
UGEG Geography
UGEL Geology
UGEO Urban Geography
UHST History
UIS Information Systems
UKI Kinesiology
UMC Mass Communication
UME Mechanical Engineering
UMTH Mathematics
UMUS Music
UND Undecided
UNDD Undecided (U/RD)
UNDT Undetermined
UNK Prior to Conversion
UNKS Prior to Conversion
UPHP Pre-Health Professions
UPHY Physics
UPNU Pre-Nursing
UPOT Pre-Occupational Therapy
UPPT Pre-Physical Therapy
UPS Political Science
UPSS Plant and Soil Science
UPSY Psychology
URBN Urban Studies
URED Urban Education
URLL Urban Leisure Leadership
URMP Urban Management and Planning
URP Urban Revitalization Planning
URSP Urban Sport Leadership
USOC Sociology
USPC Speech Communication
USST US Studies
USW Social Work
UTHA Theatre Arts
UTP Tennessee Transfer Path
VHEC Vocational Home Economics
VOED Vocational Education
VOHE Vocational Home Economics
VOIC Voice
VOO Voice/Opera: Opera
VORH Vocational Rehabilitation
VOV Voice/Opera: Voice
VSMU Vocal School Music
VTED Trade, Idtl Voc Tech Ed
VTEV Vocational Evaluation
VTZO Vertebrate Zoology
WDWN Woodwinds
WGST Women's and Gender Studies
WMST Women's Studies
WREN Water Resources Engineering
WRIT Writing
WSEU Western Europe
YAAR Academic Focus-Arts
YABS Academic Focus-Business
YAED Academic Focus-Education
YAGC Academic Focus-Gen Ed Core
YAHM Academic Focus-Humanities
YAHT Academic Focus-Health Prof
YASC Academic Focus-Soc Sciences
YAST Academic Focus-STEM
YBUS Business
YEDU Education
YGEC General Education Core
YHLT Health Professions
YHUM Humanities
YSOC Social Sciences
YTHS Youth Services

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