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Data Standards - List of Values

List of Values for Visa Type Codes

Code Description
A1 Diplomat Counselor
B1 Business Visitor
B2 Pleasure Visitor
E1 Treaty Trader Spouse and child
E2 Dependent of Foreign Investor
F1 Student Visa
F2 Dependent of Student (F1)
F3 Commuting Academic Student
G4 Intl Org Offcr/Empl and Family
H1 Special
H2 Dependent of Prof Temp (H1)
H3 Trainee
H4 Dependent of H1, H2 or H3
I Foreign Media Representative
J1 Exchange Scholar
J2 Dependent of Exch Scholar (J1)
K1 Fiancee Fiance of U S Citizen
K2 Minor Child of K1
K3 Spouse of U S Citizen
L1 Intracompany Transferee
L2 Spouse or Child of L1
M1 Vocational Student
M2 Dependent Vocational Student
O1 Extraordinary Ability
O2 Support Staff for O1
O3 Dependent of O1, O2
OT Other
PA Political Asylum
PR Permanent Resident
PS Protected Status
R1 Religious Worker
R2 Dependent of R1
RA Resident Alien
TD Dependent of TN
TN Treaty NAFTA Canada Mexico
TP Transitional Permanent Residen
V1 Spouse of LPR
V2 Child of LPR

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